Don't be that Person: Dorm Edition!

By Amanda Paul on October 20, 2015

We all know them; they are the person that makes life more difficult. That person is annoying and doesn’t seem to realize all the trouble they cause everyone. While it is not so difficult to manage these types of people in day-to-day life, sharing a living space with them is a true test of will! They are the antagonists in every dorm room horror story, wrecking havoc on the poor souls forced to live near them! Here are a few examples of difficult people that I have encountered during my dorm days, and while I endured it, I wish I didn’t have to! So please, don’t be that person…


  1. Who pees all around the toilet, but never in it
  2. Who vomits in the hall at 2:00am, and leaves the mess (Nothing says “Good morning” like opening your door to the smell of puke)
  3. Who leaves a Ferby sized clump of hair in the shower (it’s never good when you step into the shower and wonder if a hamster drowned here or if it’s just your neighbors hair)
  4. Who hangs around the showers just to let girls know how good they look in a towel.
  5. Who doesn’t flush ever!
  6. Who slams doors and drawers at six in the morning! (You are the devil)
  7. Who attempts to have a romantic encounter with a guest while your roommate is trying to sleep
  8. Who attempts to have a romantic encounter, alone or otherwise, on the common room couch
  9. Who calls in a noise complaint at 11:00pm on a Friday night (Let us have our fun!)
  10. Who never washes your sheets all school year (Just because you can’t smell it, doesn’t mean we can’t!)
  11. Who snoozes your alarm 15 times while your roommate is trying to sleep (You don’t want to be up and neither do we)
  12. Who sets off the fire alarm burning popcorn, forcing the whole building to be evacuated
  13. Who gets genuinely upset losing at the Board Game Mixer
  14. Who throws a party in your triple on Tuesday night of finals week (The campus needs to study)
  15. Who brings so much stuff on move-in day that there is no possible way it could fit on your side of the room
  16. Who pours two week old rotten milk outside of the RA’s door to get back at him for the write up (That was a nose punishment for the whole hall)
  17. Who goes poop in the stairwell (I’m serious, just right on the stairs)
  18. Who keeps your roommate awake for weeks because you need to cry about the end of your two week long relationship
  19. Who stalks your crush and hangs out outside of their room
  20. Who professes your love to a one night stand (A. you will scare them, B. It’s an awkward conversation to watch)
  21. Who doesn’t give your roommate alone time with their visiting long-distance significant other
  22. Who rage quits League of Legends so loud that the whole hall knows about it.
  23. Who creates a Magic: The Gathering circle in the hall, so big that no one can get out of their rooms without tripping over your friends
  24. Who spends an hour (or more) in the shower, especially when there is a line and a drought
  25. Who tries to make small talk with strangers going to the bathroom (please be respectful of those with shy bladders)
  26. Who forgets your laundry in the washer for days (A. mold, B. someone will throw your clothes on the floor)
  27. Who never does their laundry
  28. Who wears the same pair of pants everyday, and never washes them because apparently jeans don’t get dirty (based on your smell, I beg to differ)
  29. Who only eats Cup of Noodles (Your body will literally turn to sludge)
  30. Who collects dirty dishes in your bed
  31. Who brings home food from the dinning hall, and forgets about it until the smell permanently stains your room
  32. Who lets your significant other move in to your triple, without asking your roommates for permission


While some of these are tame, others are not! Wouldn’t it be nice if we were all just considerate and mindful of one another! If only! I’m sure there are many more to add to the list. Have you encountered any of these people, or worse?

By Amanda Paul

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